Current Graduate Students

Robert Beck

Effects of microplastics on the anemone Anthopleura elegantissima

Natalie Coleman

The effect of ocean acidification on phytosynthetic performance and symbiont shifts in a model cnidarian-algal symbiosis

Current Undergraduate Students

Germain Meza

What factors influence the response of the anemone Anthopleura elegantissima to microplastics?

Past Graduate Students

Andrés Quesada

Effect of symbiotic state on the fatty acid composition of Anthopleura elegantissima.

Yolimar Rivera

How do compounds released from the green tide alga Ulvaria obscura affect the development of marine invertebrates?.

Gemma Woodhouse

Influence of climate on the physiological performance of zoochlorellae in Anthopleura xanthogrammica.

Monica Ponce-McDermott

Lipids of the sea anemone Anthopleura elegantissima: season and symbiont affect content and fractionation.

Terra Hiebert

Prey capture and cnida composition in symbiotic and aposymbiotic Anthopleura elegantissima.

Alyssa Gehman

Carry-over effects: does adult feeding affect juvenile quality in the seastar Leptasterias hexactis?

Celia Ross

A case of facilitation between two invasive species co-occuring on the mud-flats of Padilla Bay, Washington.

Lindsey Milonas

The effect of light on feeding and growth of echinoid larvae.

Eddy Flores

The effects of sunlight on the life stages of the ascidian Chelyosoma productum .

Brita Clothier

Biological monitoring of the Georgia-Pacific Log Pond, Bellingham, Washington: Evaluating remediation success.

Jo Gardiner

Foraging success of juvenile Pacific Salmon: a comparison between small, medium, and large estuarine tidal channels.

Gabrielle Mowlds

Behavioral responses of the sepiolid squid, Rossia pacifica, to sediment and flow.

Jennifer Frankart

Factors leading to the subtidal zonation of the sea cucumber Pseudocnus curatus .

Andrea Olah

Effects of solar radiation on distriubution of the solitary ascidian, Ciona savignyi.

Jessie Cravens

Bleaching in the temperate sea anemone Anthopleura elegantissima: effect of gradually increasing temperatures.

Shannon Behr

Habitats and distributions of demersal fauna (macroinvertebrates and fishes) in Bellingham Bay, Washington.

Virginia Naef

Susceptibility of forest avifauna to nest predation in varying northwest Washington landscapes.

Sherri Rodgers

Defense mechanisms of the nudibranch Armina californica.

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