Managerial Decisions:
Competing in the Global Environment
Summer 2007

Discussion Questions for Ensuring Ethical Behavior:

1) Numerous examples of companies which have exemplary codes of ethics, yet which have been embroiled in ethical scandals, can be provided.
What accounts for this?

2) In order to ensure ethical behavior, one has to be able to:

*recognize an ethical issue
*evaluate the ethical issue
*intend to follow the 'right' course of action
*follow the 'right' course of action
What organizational impediments might interfere with this process?

3) Suppose that you want to ensure that employees 'do the right thing.' What steps would you take to make certain this happens?

4) How would you go about ensuring that employees not only 'do the right thing,' but that they are the 'right' kind of people?

5) How reasonable is it to expect that managers can influence the ethical behavior of employees? If it is not reasonable, then what suggestions (if any) can you offer corporate managers who want to encourage ethical behavior within their organizations?

6) What influence(s) motivate you to be ethical? To be unethical?

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