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Managerial Decisions:
Competing in the Global Environment
Fall 2007

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Class Schedule:

29 October *Corporate Social Performance
- Carroll, Archie B. 'The Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility'
- 'The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility'

Merck (Business Enterprise Trust video)

- Merck Mission Statement (you can also access information on Merck's Code of Conduct, Compliance Program, Corporate Responsibility, and Corporate Governance)


*Ensuring Ethical Behavior

Students may access a PowerPoint handout for this class session by clicking here

- Josephson Institute on Ethical Decision-Making
- Johnson & Johnson Credo
- VERIZON Code of Business Conduct: Connecting Through Integrity
- How Companies Can Avoid Federal Prosecution
- Breaking Down the Wall of Codes


*Social Contract Theory

-Hardin The Tragedy of the Commons'


05 November

*Ethical Theory

Students may access a PowerPoint handout for this class session by clicking here

- Kelman, Steven. `Cost-Benefit Analysis: An Ethical Critique'
- `Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Practical Critique'
- Le Guin, Ursula. `The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas'

For a great 'read' on social justice and meaningful work: Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich

Ethics Updates (provides updates on current literature, both popular and professional, that relates to ethics)
Complete Guide to Ethics Management


MBA Ethics Survey:

Survey of Ethical Theoretic Aptitudes Score:

*Sustainable Business Practices

Students may access a PowerPoint handout for this class session by clicking here

Newton & Ford's Taking Sides
'Do Environmental Restrictions Violate Basic Economic Freedoms?'

- Environmental Footprint Quiz.
- Zuckerman's Dilemma: A Plea for Environmental Ethics.
- Ethics and the Economics Ecology Dilemma: Toward a Just, Sustainable, and Frugal Future
- Natural Capitalism
- Environmental Management Issues in Corporate Strategy
- Diamond, Jarod. 'Easter's End.' Discover, August 1995.


09 November

*International Dimensions of Business Ethics

Newton & Ford's Taking Sides
'Are Multinational Corporations Free From Moral Obligations?'

- Social Accountability 8000 (click on the 'PDF' link)
- Amnesty International's Universal Declaration of Human Rights
- United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
- Wastler: Chiquita's Raw Deal
- Chiquita Admits to Paying Columbian Terrorists
- Chiquita to Plead Guilty to Ties with Terrorists
- An Excrutiating Dilemma Between Life and Law
- Want to know where and under what conditions your clothes are made? MADE-BY
- Your wallet is a mouth. When you spend money, you tell the world how you want it to be. Wallet Mouth

CASE QUESTION: Were you faced with the choice of violating U.S. law, or protecting the health and safety of your employees, which would you do? How does this 'square' with your ethical predisposition to think in terms of deontology or utilitarianism? How would you justify your actions to affected stakeholders--most particularly your shareholders and your employees?


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