Western Washington University Western Washington University

Seminar in Management:
Corporate Governance
Spring 2011

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Discussion Questions for Effective Board Meetings:

1) What is covered in an effective meeting?

Robert's Rules
2) Under what circumstances would it be appropriate to use or not use Robert’s Rules?

3) What should the role of Chair be? More specifically, should s/he vote?
4) What (if any) should C-suite executives' roles be?
5) How do you craft consensus, particularly when there is disagreement?

6) Who sets the agenda? Using what process?
7) What about time allotted for each subject?

8) What do the minutes look like? How specific should they be? Should there be more than one account of the meeting?

Different types of organizations and boards
9) What are some of the differences and similarities in how a board meeting is conducted at a nonprofit, a startup and a public company?

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