Western Washington University Western Washington University

Seminar in Management:
Corporate Governance
Spring 2011

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Writing Assignment #3:

1) You are Chair of the Board of Directors of a major for-profit enterprise. A letter has been sent to each Board member from someone claiming to be a highly-placed executive of the company. The missive contains damning allegations of abuse of power and misapproprition of funds by the CEO of the corporation--complete with copies of some 'smoking gun' expense reports and supporting documentation for purchases no reasonable person would interpret as being business-related. What are your options? What factors weigh into your decision as to which option to pursue? What do you do?


2) There has been great controversy as to how effective--and how costly--implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley has been. Based on what you have studied, what (if any) modifications would you recommend to this statute? What justification can you offer for your recommendations?

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