Western Washington University Western Washington University

Seminar in Management:
Corporate Governance
Spring 2011

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Writing Assignment #4:

1) You are on the Board of an international company--a company having business units primarily in the United States, Western Europe and Australia. The company is incorporated in Delaware. As you make everyday decisions, under what conditions is it allowable at law for you to consider the interests of nonshareholder constituencies? When may you under no circumstances consider such nonshareholder constituencies? Hint: "Revlon Duties."


2) You are on the Board of Massey Energy, and an explosion has just killed 29 of your employees in the worst mining disaster since 1984. Do you have any legal liability for this disaster? Do you have any moral culpability for this disaster? Defend your answer. What will you advocate for as a Director to ensure nothing like this ever happens again? (no, Barrett/Bell, you may not select this option...)

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