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Environmental Management Seminar

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Discussion Questions for Greening as Strategic Opportunity:

1.     What were your main take-a-ways from the video with Dr. Michael Crooke?

a.    How can a company utilize this model for “sustainable success?”

2.     How is the Solo Stove capitalizing on using the greening aspect of their product to add to the value proposition to the consumer?

3.     What is the main issue with the Tesla EV becoming a more main stream offering?

4.     In the article by Darden's Lenox: “Green Leaders View Environmentalism as Strategic Opportunity, Not Compliance Headache” what were the ways that the GE CEO saw greening as a way to boost profits?

5.     What is the main reason that you think China has identified these particular industries as “strategic emerging industries”

a.    Because these are industries that western countries (EU and U.S.A.) are primarily moving towards? (Basically that China is more interested in increasing revenues than the positive environmental aspects of these industries

b.    Because China notices that there reliance on old methods of energy usage are quickly impacting the state of the environment in China?

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