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Environmental Management Seminar

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Discussion Questions for Loop Closing:

1)     What is loop closing?

2)     There are many examples of loop-closing (i.e. re-using and recycling waste products).  Do you know of any examples other than the ones outlined in the readings?  Aside from curbside recycling, do you perform acts of loop-closing?   What are they?

3)     Should we subsidize industrial loop-closing?  For example, if it is cheaper for Firm X to dispose of waste than recycle or reuse it, do we make up the difference?  Is there a better way to promote industrial loop-closing?

4)     Would you drink your own purified urine?  Other people’s?  Would you eat food grown in soil that contained composted human waste?

5)     Do you believe Eco Industrial parks have more benefits than they do costs? Why?

6)     How are EIP and Loop Closing related?

7)     Should the US create something along the lines of WEEE?

8)     Is Biomimicry a lucrative concept for the market? 

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