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Introduction to Professional Management

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Discussion Questions:

1) What 'way of thinking' drives you as you decide questions of right/wrong or good/bad?

2) In what ways (if at all) is your personal decision-making with respect to ethics different from your organizational decision-making with respect to ethics?

3) What moral dilemmas have you faced in the workplace...and how have you sought to resolve these?

4) What are the core criticisms of the utilitarian logic? How might these best be overcome?

5) How would you decide which ethical perspective is paramount with respect to a given issue...and how would you decide if this perspective is fundamental enough to override an economic imperative?

6) What place should consideration of the ethics of a decision have within an organization's decision processes?

7) Knowing right is necessary to doing right, it would seem. Why is knowing right not sufficient to doing right?

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