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Perspectives on Business
Fall 2010

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Class Schedule:

24 September

10:00 am -- 11:50 am

*Introduction to Course

01 October

10:00 am -- 11:50 am

*Meaning of Work

A Powerpoint Handout for this and the following class session can be downloaded by clicking here
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The Hungry Spirit: Beyond Capitalism..., A Personal Preface, Chapter 6

- Collins, Jim. What Comes Next?
- A Greatness That Cannot Be Taught


REFLECTIVE JOURNAL: What do your answers to the questions: If you had $20 million in the bank, and only five years to live, what would you continue to do? What would you stop doing? reveal about your core values?

08 October

10:00 am -- 11:50 am

*Meaning of Work

The Hungry Spirit: Beyond Capitalism..., Part B: Chapters 4, 5

- Terkel, Studs. 'Working'. (Chapter titles: Donna Murray, Carl Murray Bates, Walter Lundquist, Nora Watson, Roberta Victor)
- Taylor, Frederick. `The Principles of Scientific Management'
- Bronson, P.O. What Should I Do With My Life?
- Hopkins, M. S. 'The World According to Me'
- Peters, T. 'The Brand Called You'


REFLECTIVE JOURNAL: Develop one mechanism for ensuring that your work life will be meaningful.

Writing Assignment 1 due

15 October

10:00 am -- 11:50 am

Miller Hall -- tour from 10:00 -- 10:50 am

- What LEED is
- What is LEED? (VIDEO)
- Living Building Challenge (Powerpoint with voiceover)
- LiveRoof

Debbi Ahl joins class from 11:00 am -- 11:50 am

REFLECTIVE JOURNAL: Hopefully the visit to Miller Hall has inspired you to think about how environmental values might present business opportunies for the astute observor. Provide two to three business ideas which might be spawned by society's shifting environmental consciousness.

22 October

10:00 am -- 11:50 am

*Stakeholder Analysis

- Clement, R.W. The Lessons from Stakeholder Theory for U.S. Business Leaders
- MindTools Stakeholder Analysis
- R. E. Freeman & McVea A Stakeholder Approach to Strategic Management
- King County Critical Areas Ordinance
- Ervin, K. Court decision sparks debate on use of rural lands
Writing Assignment 2 due
29 October

10:00 am -- 11:50 am

*Teaching Scholarship Day

- Business for Social Responsibility Education Fund Suppliers' Perspectives on Greening the Supply Chain
- NTMA Precision Manufacturing Green in Precision Metalworking
- Mercedes Benz USA Thinking Green: Manufacturing

Teaching Scholarship Day 11:00 am -- 11:50 am

REFLECTIVE JOURNAL: You had the opportunity to develop a question regarding either green manufactuing or greening the supply chain. What was the best question you developed...and what is the answer to the question?

05 November

10:00 am -- 11:50 am

*Sustainable Business Design

A Powerpoint Handout for this and the following class session can be downloaded by clicking here

Chad Dreier joins class from 10:00 am -- 10:50 am to speak about business ethics

- Zuckerman's Dilemma: A Plea for Environmental Ethics
- Ethics and the Economics Ecology Dilemma: Toward a Just, Sustainable, and Frugal Future
Writing Assignment 3 due

12 November

10:00 am -- 11:50 am

*All American Marine Tour

REFLECTIVE JOURNAL: Now that you have toured All American Marine...what two or three lessons did you learn that could be generalized to other business enterprises?

19 November

10:00 am -- 11:50 am

Steve Byron joins class from 10:00 am -- 11:00 am to talk about International Business

- Do Believe the Hype
- Businesses Beware: The World is NOT Flat
- Where Sweatshops are a Dream
- Deep Inside China, American Family Struggles to Cope
- How Do You Say...Learning a language is one thing, living it is another
- Botswana: Africa's Success Story?
- Corruption, Zimbabwe's biggest enemy
- Transparency International

Alex Morrison joins class from 11:00 am -- 11:50 am.

Mr. Morrison is a retired Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Franco-Nevada Corporation. He has extensive knowledge of mining operations and the precious metals industries. Prior to joining Franco-Nevada, Mr. Morrison served in various executive positions at Newmont Mining Corporation, including VP-Information Technology, VP-Operations Services, and Group Executive-Internal Audit. Also, Mr. Morrison was VP and Controller of Homestake Mining Company, Assistant Controller at Phelps Dodge Corporation, and Controller at Stillwater Mining Company. In addition, he spent twelve years in the Global Mining Group of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Mr. Morrison holds a BA in Business Administration from Trinity Western University and is both a CA and CPA.

REFLECTIVE JOURNAL: Steve Byron ended his discussion with a question, and in answering this question concluded the reason sales for SuperFeet had increased dramatically over the past year had to do with having taken key sales executives on a multi-game outing to the World Cup. Yet throughout the presentation Steve had consistently argued against bribery in any form. How might these two postions be reconciled?

26 November

10:00 am -- 11:50 am

*Thanksgiving Break

03 December

*Economics and Ethics

Brandon Dupont joins class from 10:00 am -- 11:00 am to talk about Economics

- Implications of the Financial Crisis for Economics

Brady's Survey of Ethical Theoretic Aptitudes

- Kelman, Steven. `Cost-Benefit Analysis: An Ethical Critique'
- Ackerman, Frank & Heinzerling, Lisa. `Cost-Benefit Analysis: Pricing the Priceless'
- 'Would-you-rather' Utilitarianism video (The Frisky)
- Diamond, Jarod. 'Easter's End.' Discover, August 1995.

Bluebird Smelter

Overview of Ethical Frameworks

Writing Assignment 4 due

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