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Perspectives on Business
Fall 2011

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Class Schedule:

22 September

3:00 pm -- 4:50 pm

*Introduction to Course

*Meaning of Work

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- Collins, Jim. What Comes Next?
- A Greatness That Cannot Be Taught


REFLECTIVE JOURNAL (Due by midnight today): What do your answers to the questions: If you had $20 million in the bank, and only five years to live, what would you continue to do? What would you stop doing?...reveal about your core values?

29 September

3:00 pm -- 4:50 pm

*Meaning of Work

- Taylor, Frederick. `The Principles of Scientific Management'
- Bronson, P.O. What Should I Do With My Life?
- Hopkins, M. S. 'The World According to Me'
- Peters, T. 'The Brand Called You'


REFLECTIVE JOURNAL (Due by midnight today): Develop one mechanism for ensuring that your work life will be meaningful. This mechanism needs to be both specific as well as 'automatic,' not requiring intention.

06 October

3:00 pm -- 4:50 pm

*Foundations and Social Responsibility of Business

A Powerpoint Handout for this class session can be downloaded by clicking here

- Collins, Karen. `Exploring Business', Chapters 1 - 2
- Friedman, M. 'The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits'
- Kelman, Steven. `Cost-Benefit Analysis: An Ethical Critique'


Ethics Survey:

Survey of Ethical Theoretic Aptitudes Score:

REFLECTIVE JOURNAL (Due by midnight today): With what logical rationale can a manager support giving attention to human, social, and environmental consequences when making business decisions?

13 October

3:00 pm -- 4:00 pm

*Ownership Structure, Challenges, and Management

A Powerpoint Handout for this class session can be downloaded by clicking here

- Collins, Karen. `Exploring Business', Chapters 4 - 6
- History of Management Thought: The Evolution of Management Theory
- Woods, LaVerne. New Hybrid Business Entities Combine Business, Social Missions
- Strom, Stephanie. A Quest for Hybrid Companies that Profit, But Can Tap Charity

REFLECTIVE JOURNAL (Due by midnight today): What are the primary duties of Directors of for-profit corporations? How are changes in corporate law likely to impact this conception of corporate duty over the next decade?

14 October

10:00 am -- 10:50 am

PH 108

College of Business and Economics Strategy Speaker Series

Shaun Wolfe is a 20-year veteran of the enterprise software industry. He is the founder of two start-up companies and is currently the President and CEO of TangoWire Corporation. Shaun also served as President and CEO at WRQ, Inc — a $140M enterprise software company. Shaun has experience building businesses from the ground up and scaling complex go-to-market strategies and channels worldwide. He has extensive and direct experience in R&D, marketing, sales, executive management, and international strategies & operations. He has also been involved in and led a number of acquisitions, divestitures, and equity funding activities. In addition to his role as Chairman of TangoWire, Wolfe serves on the board of several organizations, including Artsfund, MessageGate, Vigilos and the Dean’s board of advisors at Western Washington University CBE.
20 October

3:00 pm -- 4:50 pm

*Marketing: Providing Value to Customers

Guest Speaker: Ann Stone, Western Washington University

- Collins, Karen. `Exploring Business', Chapter 9
- Donnelly, Tim. How to Sell on Value Rather Than Price

REFLECTIVE JOURNAL (Due by midnight today): Ann Stone defines marketing as "the real life actions of communicators to advise beliefs or actions in others. It is a blend of science and art. It is critical to note that marketing happens without intent...EVERYTHING COMMUNICATES." What is the best exmaple of marketing you have observed? The worst? How do these 'fit' with the definition Ann Stone introduced in class today?

27 October

3:00 pm -- 4:50 pm

*Product Design and Development

Guest Speaker: Shawn Kemp, Big Idea Lab

- Collins, Karen. `Exploring Business', Chapter 10
- Beautiful and Original Product Designs

REFLECTIVE JOURNAL (Due by midnight today): As a manager, what specific actions can you take to accelerate the adoption of products designed for the environment?

03 November

3:00 pm -- 4:30 pm

*Operations Management

TOUR OF ALL-AMERICAN MARINE (logistics details to follow)

- Collins, Karen. `Exploring Business', Chapter 11
- Key Operations Questions

REFLECTIVE JOURNAL (Due by midnight today): What was the best business insight you gained as a result of today's manufacturing tour?

04 November

10:00 am -- 10:50 am

PH 108

College of Business and Economics Ethics/Corporte Social Responsibility Speaker Series
Rud Browne, CEO, Ryzex

Rud Browne is the Founder and Chairman of The Ryzex Group, a global mobile technology services company specializing in the full lifecycle management of barcode, mobile computer and RFID solutions. Started in 1989 from his apartment, Rud and the Ryzex team have built the company into a $74 million business with operations in the US, Canada, the UK and France.

Rud started his green business career by recycling scrap metal at the age of ten. He founded Ryzex to combine his technical and marketing skills with his passion to spend his professional life in a socially and environmentally positive way.

Rud is a past winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year and the Whatcom County Business person of the year awards. He currently serves on the boards of the Whatcom County Ethics Commission, the Bellingham Public Development Authority, the Northwest Economic Council, the Bellingham City Club, St. Paul’s Academy, the Washington State Insurance Commissions Health Care Reform Realization Committee and the Whatcom Alliance for Healthcare Access Steering Committee.

Rud is currently a member of the Chief Executives Organization, the World Presidents Organization, the Bellingham Angels Group, and Rotary. He has previously held positions as a Chapter Chairman of the Young Presidents Organization, Chapter Vice President of Ethics for the Entrepreneurs Organization, as well as a board member of both the Brigid Collins Child Abuse & Family Support Center and the Whatcom Community Foundation.

Rud’s other passions are his family, friends and flying light aircraft.

10 November

3:00 pm -- 4:50 pm

*Accounting and Managing Financial Resources

- Collins, Karen. `Exploring Business', Chapters 12 - 13
- Hess, David. Regulating Corporate Social Performance: A New Look at Social Accounting, Auditing, and Reporting
- Sagoff, Mark.
Zuckerman's Dilemma: A Plea for Environmental Ethics.

REFLECTIVE JOURNAL (Due by midnight today): What are the barriers to implementing triple-bottom-line accounting principles and practices?

17 November

3:00 pm -- 4:00 pm

*Managing Information and Technology

Guest Speaker: Tim Mooney

- Collins, Karen. `Exploring Business', Chapter 15
- A Different Game: Information is Transforming Traditional Businesses
- How Me: New Ways of Visualizing Data

REFLECTIVE JOURNAL (Due by midnight today): ---

19 November

10:00 am -- 10:50 am

PH 108

College of Business and Economics Strategy Speaker Series
Mark Neslon, EVP, Columbia Bank

Mark Nelson joined Columbia Bank in 2002 as Executive Vice President and Senior Credit Officer. In 2008, he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer. As EVP and COO, he directs the bank's commercial, consumer lending, and branch banking functions. He also directs the Private Banking, Cash Management, Marketing, Information Services, and International departments. Prior to joining Columbia Bank, Mark was Senior Vice President and Chief Lending Officer at Whidbey Island Bank. His 35 years experience includes Evergreen Bank, Bank of America, and Puget Sound National Bank.
Mark graduated from WWU in 1973 with a BA in Business Administration and in 1981 with a MBA. He is also a graduate of the Pacific Coast Banking School and earned a Certified Risk Professional designation from the Bank Administration Institute. Mark serves on the Western Washington University MBA advisory board. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Bank of Astoria, the Tacoma-Pierce County Economic Development Board, and is a past President and current Board Member of the Puget Sound Chapter of the Risk Management Association (RMA).
Mr. Nelson recently completed a term on the National Board of the RMA and has been a Board Member/Division Leader of the annual Tacoma-Pierce County YMCA "Partners for Youth" campaign since 1984.

24 November

*Thanksgiving Break

01 December

3:00 pm -- 4:50 pm

*Stakeholder Analysis

- Clement, R.W. The Lessons from Stakeholder Theory for U.S. Business Leaders
- MindTools Stakeholder Analysis
- R. E. Freeman & McVea A Stakeholder Approach to Strategic Management

*CASE: Cherry Point Coal Terminal

- Gateway Pacific Terminal at Cherry Point Starts Permit Process
- Coal Proposal Drives a Big Green Wedge into Bellingham Politics
- Coal Shipping to China Takes Center Stage in Whatcom County (video)

REFLECTIVE JOURNAL (Due by midnight tomorrow): This quarter you have had the opportunity to explore a variety of aspects of business. Now comes the 'big picture': what should be considered when setting the strategic direction for an enterprise?

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