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Business and its Environment

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Discussion Questions for Ethics Summary:

1) In The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas, LeGuin presents a vision for a perfect utilitarian society. Yet, there are those who leave this society. Why would anyone choose to depart such happiness?

2) The video Anatomy of a Takeover has clear links with your term paper. What conclusion is drawn on the topic of whose interests you represent as a manager? What counter-arguments can you offer to this general conclusion?

3) Outline the strengths and weaknesses of each ethical framework covered in class. Which framework do you consider of greatest relevance to managerial decision-making, and why?

4) The article 'Can Restructuring a Corporation's Rules Make a Moral Difference?' raises the issue of how to insure ethical behavior within an organization--one topic on which you may choose to write a term paper. So...how can ethical behavior be insured within organizations? In responding to this question, 'connect' ethical theory with organizational theory.

5) Do rules, as Maitland claims in the article referenced above, 'foul up' the corporate enterprise's efficiency? When (if ever) does achieving greater efficiency justify violating rights, whether those specified deontologically or those which are part of a social contract?

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