[PS] Spring 2018 classes

[PS]Courses taught while at Western

Abstract Algebra: Math 401, Math 402/Math 502, Math 503.

Calculus: Math 124, Math 125, Math 224, Math 225, Math 226.

Complex Analysis: Math 438/Math 538, Math 539.

Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics: Math 209, Math 309, Math 566.

Fourier Series and PDE's: Math 430/Math 530.

Functional Analysis: Math 528.

Geometric Tomography and Imaging: Math 397.

Geometry: Math 560, Math 562.

Graph Theory: Math 564.

History of Mathematics: Math 419, Math 420.

Linear Algebra: Math 204, Math 304, Math 504.

Number Theory: Math 302.

Numerical Analysis and Computation: Math-CS 375, Math-CS 475/Math 575.

Optimization: Math-CS 335, Math-CS 435/Math 535, Math 570.

Ordinary Differential Equations: Math 331, Math 432.

Probability and Statistics: Math 341, Math 342, Math 441/Math 541.

Real Analysis:: Math 312, Math 421/Math 521, Math 422/Math 522, Math 523, Math 527.

Topology: Math 525.

[PS]Masters projects supervised while at Western

Olga Simek, Mixed volumes.

Matt Boelkins, Apery's theorem on the irrationality of zeta (3).

Mark Omodt, Karmarkar's algorithm.

Peter Hartman, The Bieberbach conjecture.

Gregory Cook, Sphere packing.

Jeff Demorest, The brachistochrone problem.

Amy Stewart, Aperiodic tilings.

John Carter, Entropy, information, and inequalities.

Frank Gonzalez, Computer-aided tomography and the Fourier transform.

Michael Burghart, The Black-Scholes formula.

Andrew Richardson, The Brunn-Minkowski inequality and related inequalities.

Cody Pond, Elliptic functions and elliptic integrals.

Mark Lockwood, X-rays of planar convex bodies.

Seth Nuckolls, Conway's number and games.

Jobie Gores, Wallpaper groups.

Nick Woodward, The Kakeya problem.

Michael Renne, Integer partitions.

Rob Ezell, The central limit theorem.

Tim Mesikepp, Investigating M-addition.

Tyler Suronen, Quadratic and cubic reciprocity.

Brian Whetter, Valuations and Hadwiger's characterization theorem.

Seth Greendale, Differential forms and Stokes' theorem.

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