ENVR 202 Assignment writing and technicalities

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Assignment writing and technicalities

Here are the specifics for all the write-ups of your short assignments.


Please put your name, student number, and class in school (First-year, Sophmore, etc.), date, and assignment number on the first page of your paper. Staple all pages (no binders, paperclips or folded corners, please). Please submit a typed copy; you may use reclaimed paper. To avoid waste, you are encouraged adjust the font and margins to avoid a few lines of overflow onto the last page (but obviously whether you do this or not won't affect your grade).


For each assignment, please type up your investigation in a concise style in 2 to 3 double-spaced pages. Fewer words are better so long as you cover the important ideas and details with clarity. Follow any instructions given in the particular assignment for organization or other matters. Please proofread your draft. Use clear well constructed sentences and correct conventions. You will lose points for spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence construction, and other technicalities. I strongly encourage you to get assistance from the Writing Center! You can also get helpful tips on writing from: WWU's Writing Center Webpages.

Citing sources

Any time you draw upon, quote or cite any source (paper, broadcast, electronic, or in-peron), be sure to cite it, using American Psychological Association style. (You should be aware of the University's policies regarding plagiarism. The policies are spelled out in the University catalogue. Also, read the pdf file on using others' ideas and plagiarism at the Sociology Department's web site.) Course readings may be cited by author's last name, date, and page number, and need not be included in your list of references at the end of your paper. All soures other than course readings should be given full reference listings. The Writing Center in Wilson Library has helpful sheets to get you started, or you can consult some web sources:
WWU's Writing Center Webpages has examples of how to cite sources in APA style
UW Wisconsin's Writing Center Webpages has examples of how to cite sources in APA style (look under "contents").
For citing Electronic Sources in APA (and other) style(s).


I often mark papers for a number of basic writing errors which you should work hard to eliminate from your writing. SeeWriting Errors to Avoid

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