Ira Hyman
Psychology Department
Western Washington University

I received my BA from Duke University and my Ph.D. in cognitive and developmental psychology from Emory University. I am a professor at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. I conduct research on human memory and my recent work has focused on memory for trauma, false childhood memories, memory for phobia onset, autobiographical memory, and remembering in differing social contexts. I teach courses in human cognition, research design, and statistics.

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Notes on Citation Style and Plagiarism
Psychology 303: Experimental Approaches to Research
Psychology 210: Cognition
Psychology 311: Human Memory
Psychology 411: Seminar in Cognition
Psychology 481: Seminar in History and Systems of Psychology
Psychology 503: Cognition
Psychology 521: Seminar in Learning

Personal Information
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Research Information
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For Fall 2011
Psychology 210: MWF 11:30- 1:00
Psychology 311: MWF 8:30 - 10:00
Office hours: Monday & Wednesday from 2-3; Tuesday & Thursday from 1-2; and by appointment
Lab Meetings: Wednesday at 1:15 and other meetings for projects