John McLaughlin

Associate Professor

Department of Environmental Sciences
Huxley College of the Environment
Western Washington University
Office: (360) 650-7617
Fax: (360) 650-7284
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Background Research Interests Professional Organizations
Courses Publications Curriculum Vitae


ESCI 325 Fundamentals of Ecology
ESCI 330 Natural History of the Pacific Northwest
ESCI 340 Biostatistical Analysis
ESCI 408 Field Methods in Wildlife Ecology
ESCI 433/533 Population Biology
ESCI 433b Population Biology Laboratory
ESCI 439/539 Conservation of Biological Diversity
ENVR 496 Environmental Stewardship
ESCI 498b Internship
ESCI 499/599 Ecological Modeling and Deduction
ESCI 499/599 Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
ESCI Field Camp

Selected Publications

Professional Organizations

Ecological Society of America
American Society of Naturalists

Society for Conservation Biology

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Martes Working Group

Association for Experiential Education

Sigma Xi (Scientific Research Society)

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