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Michael Karlberg is an interdisciplinary scholar at Western Washington University with expertise in the area of media, culture, and public discourse. His program of research critically examines foundational assumptions underlying Western civilization, including prevailing conceptions of human nature, power, social organization, and social change. He has been invited to speak widely on the theme of his book, Beyond the Culture of Contest. He has recently begun collaborating with an expanding circle of scholars examining the concept of Constructive Resilience, which is a non-adversarial means of overcoming injustice and oppression. He is also working on a book addressing the problem of normative relativism in a world of increasing global interdependence.


PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS (video recordings)

TEDx Talk: Beyond the Culture of Contest: A Critical Juncture in Human History (transcript)

WWU College of Social Science and Humanity's Dean's Lecture Series:
Denial of Education as a Strategy of Oppression: Exploring Human Rights Abuses in Iran


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