Pillitteri Lab


My lab studies the formation of specific cell structures on the surface of all land plants called stomata. These structures are critical for water vapor and gas exchange during photosynthesis.  The well-defined stages and tractable division pattern during stomatal development has made it an ideal system to study the pathways regulating cell-state commitment and differentiation.


Welcome to the Pillitteri Lab

Dr. Lynn Jo Pillitteri

Assistant Professor

Biology Department

Western Washington University

Bellingham, WA.  MS 9160

Office,  BI147: 360-650-6599


  1. A.Diagram of the cell transitions during stomatal development. Names of genes involved at each transition are labeled.

  2. B.Confocal images of the  epidermal phenotype of associated with loss-of-function mutations of spch, mute, and fama (Confocal images taken in the lab of Dr. Keiko Torii - University of Washington)

Fluorescent image of a 3-week old Arabidopsis expressing MUTEpro::GFP