Dr. Jennifer E. Purcell

Marine Scientist
Shannon Point Marine Center
1900 Shannon Point Rd
Anacortes, WA 98221
Phone: 360-650-7400; 360-293-2188
Fax: 360-293-1083
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Education and Background

Research Interests
Biological oceanography, zooplankton ecology. Trophic importance, population dynamics, and behavior of gelatinous zooplankton, especially cnidarians and ctenophores. Environmental effects on population size of jellyfish. Jellyfish as predators and competitors of fish. Top-down control in marine ecosystems. Predator-prey relationships.

Teaching Interests
I teach an undergraduate/graduate course on gelatinous zooplankton ecology. I supervise research projects by undergraduates in the MIMSUP and REU programs at SPMC. I co-advise graduate students to work on local marine research projects with jellyfish, comb jellies, hydroids or anemones.

Current Funding
Web sites
Brown, C. et al. 2000. Mapping sea nettles in Chesapeake Bay. http://coastwatch.noaa.gov/seanettles