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The museum exhibits vary in length from 3 1/2' x 5' to 3 1/2' x 12'.
Information is presented in both English and Thai.
Below are small versions of the exhibits.

Exhibit 1: Welcome

Exhibit 2: Earthquakes, Tectonic Plates, and Tsunamis

Exhibit 3: The Effects of the Tsunami on the Environment

Exhibit 4: Rebuilding Livelihoods and Communities

Exhibit 5: The World Becomes One

Exhibit 6: In Focus: Working Together for Recovery and Reconstruction I

Exhibit 7: In Focus: Working Together for Recovery and Reconstruction II

Exhibit 8: What are the Warning Signs of a Tsunami

Exhibit 9: Tsunami Warning System Established

Exhibit 10: Personal Stories: Care and Compassion around the World

"Thank you for providing an educational approach to understanding this world tragedy."
 - Comment in museum guest book; Visitor from the United States of America

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Text and photographs copyright 2007-2014 by David N. Sattler.