Heat Flow

Q = Amount of Heat flowing into or out of one of the substances in contact (SI: J, Other: cal)
> 0 Heat flows into the substance
< 0 Heat flows out of the substance
m = mass of the substance (SI: kg, other: g)
c = Specific Heat Capacity of the substance (SI: J/kg/ oC, other: cal/g/ oC)
ΔT = T f - T o
= Change in Temperature of a substance (SI: K or oC)

Whenever a substance changes phases the heat energy that flows out of or into a substance no longer depends upon a temperature change:

Latent Heat Of Vaporization: ((liquid - gas transitions)

Qv = ± m Lv

Latent Heat Of Fusion: (solid - liquid transitions)

Qf = ± m Lf

Table of Values: